Posted by: Janice D. Green | February 24, 2008

Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom, il. by Kadir Nelson

Moses by Carole B Weatherford

Moses by Carole B Weatherford

You should read the book, Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom. by Carole Boston Weatherford.  Harriet Tubman was so brave to try to run away from slavery all alone. But she wasn’t all alone, because God was with her. She could talk to God when she was afraid and God always answered with words that helped her to be strong. She was helped along the way by Christian people, especially from the the Quaker Churches, who believed that slavery was wrong. Someone gave her a ride in a wagon where she hid under blankets. Another person took her in a boat up a river. Many people gave her food and places to sleep or to hide along the way. When she finally reached Philadelphia where she could be free, she missed her family so much that she decided to go back to get them and help them to escape. She found a Quaker church that was helping runaway slaves get to freedom, and she learned from them all the safe places they could tell her about where runaway slaves could go to get help. When she was finally ready, she went back for her family. Then she made many more trips to help other slaves escape to freedom. Don’t take my word for how good this book really is.  Read it for yourself.  It is so powerful! You will feel like you are running with her with the dogs barking on your heels. It is also a fantastic read-aloud for an expressive reader. If you have already read this great book, please tell us how you liked it.

Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom (Caldecott Honor Book) To order a copy of this book from, click on this link or on the picture.



  1. I really liked the book that you read to the 5th grade class today.Harriet Tubman was very smart and had God on her side.

  2. Great Dunae! Thanks for finding our blog and adding a comment. Please do that again and often.

  3. I’m delighted that Dunae found the web site even before I got around to adding his classmates’ responses. Here are a few more comments some of the 5th grade students wrote in class today:

    In class Dunae said: “The thing I liked was that Harriet Tubman was very smart and never lost a passenger.”

    Xavier said: “I liked that God lead Harriet Tubman through all of that trouble. It made me happy.”

    Jasmine said: “When Harriet had a problem she would talk to God. I felt bad when she had to go away from her family. Harriet walked so long that her feet began to bleed. Harriet was also a famous conductor on the Underground Railroad.”

    Chelsea said: “What I learned and got out of the story was that Harriet Tubman was a true woman. She asked God for many things and she recieved what she asked for.”

    Raymond said: “I liked it because she was brave and strong, and because she risked her life for people.”

    Anna said: “I liked the book because she used to help slaves get freedom. That was a good book.”

    Malik said: “What I like about the book, Moses, is when she did whatever God told her.”

    Jawaun said: “I liked when she saved 300 slaves and never lost a passenger. I didn’t like when the owner had beat Harriet and almost killed her.”

    Latanya said: “Moses is a story about Harriet Tubman. She was running away from slavery and God lead her and other people. When she got free, she wanted to go back and get her family out of slavery.”

    Elias said: “The story was good. I wish Harriet Tuman wasn’t a slave. In the story I thought she was going to get caught.”

    Shane said: “I liked how even though she was risking her life she helped free slaves.”

    Jerrick said: “This story was really good and power was in it. I know it was really hard for us back then and the story was good.”

    Nicole said: “What I like about the book is when she said she couldn’t do it, then she started believing in herself.”

    I want to thank all these students for writing about our book, Moses, today. Mrs. Green

  4. The fourth grade class also liked this book. Here are some of their comments about the book:

    Tequasha said, ” I think that this was a good book. I like the part when Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom. She always believed in God. She never gave up.”

    Chris said, “I like when she had talked to the Lord about her problems in the story.”

    Marquis said, “I liked the part when she kept on praising the Lord for helping her.”

    Tiffany said, “I like the part when Harriet Tubman was praying to God. It made me feel happy. The part I didn’t like was the way Harriet Tubman and the rest of the slaves were treated.”

    Tayshawn said, “I like when God helped her. I don’t like how she was treated rough.”

    Dashawn said, “I liked when Harriet Tubman went into the creek to get away from the hounds.”

    Elijah said, “I didn’t like when she got hit on the head with the 2 lb. weight. I thought it was awful.”

    Andrea said, “Harriet Tubman was a very brave woman in this story. I liked when Harriet had tricked the hound dogs when she went in the water.”

    “Noname” said, “I didn’t like when she had to rock the cradle all night long and if the baby cried she would have to get wooped.”

    Gregory J. said, “I don’t like when they whipped Harriet Tubman every time the baby cried.”

    “Noname” said, “I don’t like the way she had to sleep in the hole with the potatoes.”

    Tiana said, “The part of the story I like best is when the farmer gave Harriet a ride in the wagon. This story is really interesting instead of boring.”

    Chamar said, “I liked when Harriet Tubman went back for other slaves and she had God with her the whole time.”

    MaKayla said, “The part of the story I like best is when Harriet believes and talks to God. It made me feel that there is a God.”

    LiQuavia said, “What I like about the book is that Harriet Tubman had to talk to the Lord to help her. Harriet Tubman helped to free many slaves.

    Mrs. Green wants to thank these students for sharing their comments on our special blog page.

  5. This is a very good idea to read children books to children and have them say what they like or dislike the book .

  6. Thank you MaKayla for saying that. And thank you for finding your way to our blog and figuring out how it works.

  7. This blog page is helping children to read books and understand the ways of history back then and it is helping children to express their feelings on how they like the book to help them grow strong in their faith

  8. Thank you Tiffany for your thoughtful response. I’m glad you found our blog.

  9. Nice article!! I will visit once again:)

  10. i-truely-loved-what-harriet-tuman-did-for-her-people.she-was-a-very-strong-black-woman–iam-proud–of-her.i-pray-thatpeople–will-always-rememberher-and-what-she-done-shewas-braveand-had-courage-and-a-goodheart-thankyou-harriettubman-r.i.p-lovefrom-chynawhite-46-blackfemale.-phila-pa19121

    • Thank you for your comment. You have every right to be proud of this remarkable courageous woman. The world owes her a great debt.

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